Bal Sakha Yojana 2023

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Bal Sakha Yojana 2023: Bal Sakha Yojana has been launched by the Government of Gujarat (Department of Health and Family Welfare) to provide accessible specialist care by private paediatricians to all BPL and tribal children born under the Chiranjeevi Yojana or category of Government Health Service Institutions. It is also for all babies up to 1 month at risk identified by MAMTA campaign and IMNCI trained health worker. Under this scheme, paediatricians take care of all eligible newborns at the place of birth and ensure their survival by providing early neonatal care including immunization at birth, nutritional advice etc.

Bal Sakha Yojana 2023. Bal Sakha Yojana

Founder of the scheme Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Gujarat
Name of the schemeBal  Sakha  Yojana
Standard of BeneficiaryParents availing the benefit of this scheme should be registered under Scheduled Caste poverty line (BPL card holder) and not paying income tax or their income should not be more than two lakhs.
Age of beneficiary childThe age of the beneficiary child should not be more than 30 days.
Details of treatment/assistanceThe child admitted in this hospital is provided with all the facilities free of cost, medical drugs, medical reports under the supervision of a pediatric specialist doctor. Also, the relatives staying with the child are given Rs 200 for the cost of going home after the treatment. The child’s guardian has to give the voucher of 200 rupees to the pediatrician with his own signature.
Method of availing the benefit of the schemeEven if a child receiving benefits under Bal Sakha Yojana is born in a hospital under Chiranjeevi Yojana or born at home, the child can be referred to a hospital affiliated to Bal Sakha Yojana through a health worker or Asha worker till the age of 30 days.
From where will benefit of the scheme be obtained.To avail the benefit of the scheme one can get treatment under the Bal Sakha Yojana in a private hospital of a pediatrician in that district.

About Bal Sakha Yojana 2023. Bal Sakha Yojana 2023

12,00,000 babies are born in Gujarat every year and many mothers die during this process of pregnancy and childbirth. Malnutrition and lack of adequate essential health care for mothers and children are major determinants of maternal and child health. Thousands of children in the state die before reaching their first birthday due to poor neonatal development status, lack of adequate and timely care and poor nutrition. These are serious maternal and child health issues and require immediate attention.

Bal Sakha Yojana 2023: Gujarat State has already launched various schemes like Chiranjeevi Yojana, Bal Bhog Yojana, Nutritious Diet Yojana with Vitamins (Vitamin Yuk Nashan Ahar), saving precious lives of mothers and children, fighting malnutrition, taking care of primary education and Kanya Kelavani Yatra. implemented. Especially the education of the girl child. However, efforts and redoubled energies need to be consolidated to attack the evils of maternal and child mortality.

With these objectives in particular to reduce the IMR from the current 50 per thousand live births to 30, the Nirogi Bal Yojana was launched in the year 2008 as an initiative to improve health and education and ensure overall human development in the state. Since neonatal mortality accounts for 60% of IMR, now is the right time to focus on interventions to reduce mortality in the first month of life. This innovative Bal Sakha Yojana proposes to address this issue by creating a robust service delivery system for the delivery of neonatal care through public private partnerships with private pediatricians practicing on the lines of the Chiranjeevi Yojana.

Benefits of Bal Sakha Yojana (BSY)

Bal Sakha Yojana provides specialist care to ensure the health of newborns.
Under the scheme, a paediatrician attends all eligible newborns at the place of birth and ensures their survival by providing early newborn care including vaccinations, nutritional advice at birth.

Eligibility and conditions required to apply Bal Sakha Yojana (BSY):

  • Babies born in a private hospital or government health care institution running Chiranjeevi Yojana are eligible
  • All newborns belong to BPL or APL and are eligible for tribal class Bal Sakha Yojana
  • Middle Class (with income limit of Rs. 2 lakh)
  • Babies born at home, sub-centre or PHC are eligible

Documents required to apply Bal Sakha Yojana (BSY):

  • Women must have BPL or APL ration card
  • Tribal Certificate
  • Authorization by local accrediting authority
  • The application form is available with the hospital itself
  • Income certificate of parents Rs. 2 lakhs

Who to contact and where to contact:

  • Women can approach Asha, a primary social worker present in all villages and urban areas
  • Anganwadi Centre
  • Women can approach the District Development Officer or Chief District Health Officer if there is any hurdle in getting the benefits.

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