LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana: This government scheme is very useful, you can earn 93 lakhs by investing just 1597 rupees.

LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana, a policy that promises a maturity amount of 91 lakhs. Know how this plan can benefit you and how to avail it.

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) constantly introduces new policies to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Today, we bring to your attention a remarkable policy, LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana, which guarantees a substantial maturity amount of 91 lakhs. This article explores the intricacies of this policy, highlighting its features, eligibility criteria and the process to avail it.

LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana | LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana in Gujarati

LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana presents a unique opportunity to multiply your savings up to tenfold over an extended period. Notably, this policy requires a one-time premium payment, making it an attractive choice for individuals seeking comprehensive life insurance coverage with excellent returns. As a non-participatory, personal savings and life insurance plan, it effectively combines protection and savings elements.

Eligibility Criteria for LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana

To avail the benefit of Dhan Varsha Yojana, you must meet certain age requirements. For policy terms up to 15 years, the minimum entry age is 3 years, while for a 10-year policy, the minimum entry age is 8 years. However, individuals above 35 years of age can only opt for a 15-year policy, which offers an additional benefit of 10% return.

Avail the policy

One of the advantages of LIC Dhan Varsha policy is the flexibility to invest at an early age. It is a non-participatory, individual, single-premium savings insurance plan. Please note that this policy can only be purchased offline, and you need to visit the nearest LIC office to apply for it.

Financial security for nominee

On purchase of Dhan Varsha Yojana, the policyholder ensures financial security for his family or nominee. In the unfortunate event of the death of the policyholder, the fund amount is distributed to the nominee. As a result, this policy provides peace of mind and serves as protection for your loved ones.

Accumulation of 91 Lakhs Detailed Estimates

Under the LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana, if the policyholder dies during the 10th year of the policy, the nominee will get an impressive sum of Rs 91,49,500. In addition, the scheme provides a guaranteed maturity amount on completion. At a young age Rs. By starting an investment as low as ₹10 lakh, policyholders can reap substantial returns in the future.


What is the maturity amount under LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana ?

The maturity amount under LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana is 91 lakhs.

Can I buy a policy online?

No, LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana can be purchased offline only by visiting the nearest LIC office.

What happens if the policyholder dies?

In the unfortunate event of the policyholder’s demise, the fund amount is given to the nominee or the policyholder’s family, providing financial security.

How can I collect 91 lakhs under this policy?

At a young age Rs. By investing as little as 10 lakhs, policyholders can achieve a maturity of 91 lakhs in the 10th policy year.

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