Post Office Scheme Interest Rate: In This Scheme You Will Get Up To 8 Lakhs In 5 Years.

There are many post office schemes related to Small Savings Schemes and Recurring Deposit. It includes schemes like Post Office-Public Provident Fund (PPF) ,   Post Office Tax Saving Schemes , Post Office Monthly Income Scheme – MIS . Today we will know about one such scheme of India Post.

In which you can become a millionaire by depositing 5000 rupees every month. This is Post Office 5 year recurring deposit (Post Office RD Interest Rate) scheme. Currently interest is being paid at the rate of 5.8 percent per annum. Calculation is done on quarterly basis. At least 100 rupees can be deposited in this ( Recurring Deposit Interest Rate ). In today’s article we will get detailed information about Post Office Scheme Interest Rate.

Post Office Scheme Interest Rate

From April 1, 2020, the government has not changed the Recurring Deposit interest rate. Single and maximum 3 adults can open this account jointly. At least 100 rupees should be deposited every month in Post Office Recurring Deposit Account (Post Office RD Interest Rate). More than that can be deposited in multiples of 10 (Recurring Deposit Interest Rate). If you have opened the account by 15th of the month then submit SIP between 1st to 15th of every month.

If the Recurring Deposit account is opened after the 15th, deposit the installments from the 16th to the last working day of the month. If the deadline is missed, Rs. A late fee of Rs 1 per month per 100 SIP will be charged (Post Office RD Interest Rate). If the installment is not deposited in any month, then you have to deposit the amount of that month (Recurring Deposit Interest Rate) first. After that you can deposit the amount for another month.


Name of ArticlePost Office Scheme Interest Rate
Language of ArticleGujarati and English
BeneficiaryEvery citizen of India
Amount of investmentEvery month Rs. 5000
period5 years
interest rate5.8 %
Official website

By Depositing Rs 5000 You Will Get 8.13 Lakhs  

Suppose you deposit 5000 rupees every month. According to the Recurring Deposit calculator, at an interest rate of 5.8 percent, you will get a total of Rs 3 lakh 48 thousand 480 in the next five years. Your deposit amount will be 3 lakh rupees, on which you will get about 16% (Post Office RD Interest Rate) return. According to the rules, this scheme can be extended up to 5 years. In this case, after 10 years you will get a total of 8 lakh 13 thousand 232 rupees. The total deposit amount will be 6 lakh rupees (Recurring Deposit Interest Rate). Thus the net return will be more than 35 percent.

Loans Can Be Availed After 12 Months In This Scheme  

  • If you have a recurring deposit account. So after depositing for 12 months, you also get loan facility.
  • The loan amount can be deposited in lump sum or in installments.
  • The loan interest rate will be 2 percent higher than the RD Return Rate (Post Office RD Interest Rate).
  • If the loan is not repaid on maturity, the loan amount along with the maturity interest (Recurring Deposit Interest Rate) will be deducted and the remaining amount will be paid.

Post Office Recurring Deposit Interest Rate 

  • Post office RD account interest may change every three months (Recurring Deposit Interest Rate).
  • The rates announced by the government every quarter are given to the consumers.
  • Although the government keeps the rate fixed, the post office also pays a fixed rate (Post Office RD Interest Rate).
  • Irrespective of the prevailing interest rate, the interest money is added to the customer’s Recurring Deposit account accordingly.

This Is How Much Interest Is Getting On Post Office RD: Post Office RD Interest Rate

  • Currently, Post Office Recurring Deposits are getting 5.8 percent interest (Recurring Deposit Interest Rate).
  • This rate is for RD plans with a tenure of 5 years.
  • The time limit for any Post Office RD Account (Post Office RD Interest) is at least 5 years.
  • A Recurring Deposit account cannot be opened in the post office in less than this time.

Recurring Deposit Interest Rate

A person opening Post Office RD (Recurring Deposit Interest Rate) is expected to deposit a total of 60 installments during this period (5 years). That is one deposit per month for 5 years. The first deposit (Post Office RD Interest Rate) at the time of opening the account, subsequent monthly deposits should be made before the due date, on which the Recurring Deposit account was opened.


1. What is the official website for Post Office Scheme?

Ans. The official website for Post Office Scheme is .

2.What is the investment and tenure in this scheme of Post Office?

Ans. Investment in this scheme of Post Office Rs. 5000 per month. And it is to be filled up to 5 years.

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